Oil & Gas Sector: Baker Hughes Rotary Rig Count

CEIC News@lert: In response to market feedback, the CEIC Sector database has been enhanced with the addition of the Baker Hughes Rotary Rig Count data in the Oil & Gas Sector. Baker Hughes Incorporated is a top-tier oilfield service company listed in United States (NYSE:BHI) and operates in over 90 countries, focusing on countries with [...]

CEIC Data is cited in WSJ Article: What’s at Stake in China-Japan Spat: $345 Billion to Start

Associated PressWSJ Article – An economic war between China and Japan could have serious consequences, as Asia’s two largest economies are integrally tied together in trade and investment. Total trade between the two: $345 billion. The economic impact from the spat between Japan and China over disputed islands that lie between the two nations is [...]

M&A Activity in Emerging Europe Slowed, Deal Intents Rose in H1 2012, DealWatch Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE M&A Activity in Emerging Europe Slowed, Deal Intents Rose in H1 2012, DealWatch Report August 28, 2012 – ISI Emerging Markets, the leading provider of hard-to-get business information on Emerging Markets, today released “Europe, Middle East and Africa M&A Report H1 2012,” a detailed analysis by its M&A service DealWatch. According to [...]

CEIC Data is cited in the Financial Stability Oversight Council 2012 Annual Report

The Financial Stability Oversight Council Annual Report fulfills the Congressional mandate to report on the activities of the Council, describe significant financial market and regulatory developments, analyze potential emerging threats, and make certain recommendations. View Report

Malaysia: Capital Stock

Database NEWS@lert: CEIC Database Team is pleased to announce the newly added dataset of Capital Stock under the National Accounts section, in response to market feedback. The dataset is a product of the collaboration between the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) and Economic Planning Unit (EPU). The continuous updates will be done annually by DOSM [...]

United States Texas Service Sector Outlook Survey

Database NEWS@lert: CEIC Data team is pleased to announce the enhancement of US Business and Economic Survey sector with the addition of Texas Service Sector Outlook Survey statistics. The dataset is collected from the Federal Reserve Board of Dallas, has coverage from January 2007 and is presented on a monthly basis. These State-specific surveys are [...]

New Data on Banking Sector: BIS, Consolidated Foreign Claims and Other Potential Exposures on Individual Countries

Database NEWS@lert: The CEIC Sector Database’s Banking Sector has been further enriched with the addition of Bank for International Settlement (BIS) Foreign Exposures on Selected Individual Countries on an Ultimate Risk Basis. This additional dataset provides consolidated Foreign Claims vis-à-vis individual countries by nationality of reporting banks on an ultimate risk basis. The dataset contains [...]

CEIC sourced in WSJ: Wage Rises in China May Ease Slowdown

BY TOM ORLIK AND BOB DAVIS – Written for The Wall Street Journal BEIJING—Wages are still climbing rapidly in China and many companies are having trouble filling jobs despite the sharp economic slowdown here—evidence of a structural shortage in the labor market that may help China adjust to slower growth without political instability and whet [...]

Malaysia: Islamic Government Investment Issues

Database NEWS@lert: CEIC Data team is pleased to announce the expansion of Islamic-compliant Government Investment Issues for maturities up to 10 years. The data set is collected from the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) and are presented on a daily basis. Islamic Finance, as defined by the Malaysian Islamic Banking Act 1993, refers [...]

United States Statutory Debt Limit

Database NEWS@lert: Established under the Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917, the Statutory Debt Limit sets the ceiling on Federal government borrowings. Failure to increase the necessary debt limit may result in defaulting on some of US obligations, thus resulting in a decline in US creditworthiness, in turn raising interest rates and lowering the value [...]