Unemployment Declines Despite Tepid Growth in Brazil

Brazil Data Talk: Brazil’s unemployment levels continue to be at historical lows despite relatively weak growth. While real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose by 1.38% year on year during the fourth quarter of 2012, the unemployment rate declined to a low of 4.6% in December 2012 owing to the traditionally busy seasonal period when the [...]

National Funds of Russia Gain Momentum in 2013

Russia Data Talk: By creating the Stabilization Fund in January 2004 to make better use of excess oil revenues, the Russian government made a significant step toward balancing the federal budget. Unpredictable oil and gas price fluctuations might either boost federal revenues during a boom or bring the economy to a halt in case of [...]

Orange Production Sours on Weaker Demand in Brazil

Brazil Data Talk: Brazil has emerged as the largest producer of oranges and orange juice in the world, followed by the United States, China, India and Mexico. This has been attributed to a host of factors including good weather and hydrographical conditions, excellent soil and massive investment in relevant agricultural technologies. Due to the eradication [...]

Increased Alcohol Excise Duties Hardly Affect Spirits Consumption in Russia

Russia Data Talk: For years now, the Russian government has faced the dilemma of fighting alcohol abuse or to bolster budget revenue through excise tax collection, in particular, a duty on alcohol. The production of strong alcohol (vodka and other similar liquor) and wine declined throughout the 1990s: vodka and liquor production decreased by almost [...]

India: Lower GDP Growth Estimated for the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year

India Data Talk: The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) has released the advance estimate of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) statistics for the fiscal year ended March 2013. The economy expanded by 4.96% at factor prices or 3.32% at market prices from a growth of 6.21% and 6.33% at factor and market prices respectively, during the [...]

India: Bihar’s Skewed Fortunes

India Data Talk: Bihar continues to bear the dubious distinction as one of India’s poorest states in terms of net state domestic product (NSDP) per capita. Despite the 15.4% growth in NSDP per capita experienced in the fiscal year ended March 2012, Bihar’s NSDP per capita stood at a mere INR 13,971 (USD 291.96). This [...]

Foreign Banks Disappoint in Brazil

Brazil Data Talk: During the early 1990s, the entry of foreign banks was widely expected to shake-up competition in the banking sector, hence leading to lower banking spreads (i.e. the difference between lending and borrowing rates), higher quality products and services and modernisation of banking technology. The market also expected the entry of these banks [...]

Overheating Threats Overblown in Indonesia?

Indonesia Data Talk: While Indonesia has managed high economic growth despite the setback in the global economy, some analysts are increasingly wary of growing signs of weakness. In the latest quarterly business survey conducted during the third quarter of 2012 by the Bank of Indonesia (the central bank), expectations of fourth quarter business activities declined [...]

Budget Considerations Divide Policymakers’ Action on Foreign Investment in India

India Data Talk: India’s foreign inward investment declined for the second consecutive fiscal year (ending March) to USD 39.18 billion in 2011-2012 from USD 41.60 billion in 2010-2011 and USD 50.36 billion in 2009-2010. The decline was largely due to lower foreign inward portfolio investment, which fell from USD 30.29 billion in year 2010-2011 to [...]

Is Inflation Eroding Purchasing Power in Indonesia?

Indonesia Data Talk: Bank Indonesia (the central bank) has successfully kept consumer price inflation rates below its 2012 target range of 4.5% ± 1.0%; as of December 2012, inflation stands at 4.30%. Previously, Indonesia suffered high consumer price inflation due to sharply rising prices of volatile and administered (i.e. government controlled prices such as subsidised [...]