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Engineering Machinery Sales in China: Direction Sign of Economy

China Data Talk: Sales figure of engineering machinery is always treated as a barometer of the economic cycle, just like a thermometer, direction indicator. The recent layoffs and debt problems of some key domestic engineering machinery firms, together with the large decline of engineering machinery sales since this year – sales of major engineering machines [...]

China: NPL Ratio is Bound to Rise

China Data Talk: “Financing” is one of the hottest topics recently, both enterprises (SME) and individuals have big headaches on the unavailability of loans. On the other hand, though it is derived from loans, “non-performing loans” is deliberately overlooked. Reason is simple – performance comes first, risks are left to the future. Non-performing loans will [...]

China’s Gold Rush

China Data Talk: The arrival of “Year of Dragon” implies a higher sale in the gold market: people buy gold when a baby is born, when they are getting married, for a more decent gift, for reservation of value, etc. – All of these are reasons for buying gold. Under the high inflation, negative deposit [...]

Migrant Workers

China Data Talk: Spring Festival travel season (Chunyun period) will start from 8th Jan, while people will return to their hometown for the Chinese New Year. This brings up the topics about migrant workers. In accordance with the estimate of GDP by income, compensation of labor in 2010 is 45% of the GDP. Compared to [...]

Malaysia: Heated Passenger Vehicle Production Shows Signs of Cooling

Macro Watch Global: Passenger vehicle production in Malaysia rose 26.79% in September 2011 to 40,314 units from 31,797 units in the same month last year. Nevertheless, month-on-month production dropped 2.19% from 41,217 units in the previous month. Production in September cooled off after the rush of deliveries for the EId ul-Fitr and Independence Day celebrations. [...]

New Exclusive Data on CEIC Database: Tajikistan Official Reserve Assets

Database NEWS@lert: After the enhancement of Tajikistan database with new Banking Sector Statistics, the CEIC Data is proud to announce the extension of Official Reserve Assets to the Monetary sector dataset. The data is obtained directly from the National Bank of Tajikistan with extended historical coverage since 1999 in monthly frequency. Tajikistan Official Reserve Assets [...]

Thailand’s Flooding Hits Consumer Confidence

Database NEWS@lert: As a result of the severe flooding in northern Thailand that began in July, Thailand’s consumer confidence hit a 10-year low in October. The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTTC) announced that the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) had fallen for three consecutive months from 84.1 in July to 72.4 in October [...]

Sri Lanka Private Sector Credit Expected to See Post-War Growth

Macro Watch Asia: According to the October 2011 forecast by the Capital Alliance Securities, Sri Lanka’s private sector credit will grow by 2.5 times by 2018, stimulated by falling interest rates and post-war economic growth. Capital Alliance Securities estimates that the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita will rise by approximately 60% by 2018. GDP [...]

Macau’s Visitor Arrivals Rise in September

Macro Watch Asia: Macau recorded total visitor arrivals of 2.17 million in September 2011, increasing by 17.8% year-on-year. This increase is largely attributed to the 1.25 million visitors from mainland China, representing growth of 39.3% year-on-year. Mainland China was the main contributor of visitor arrivals to Macau because of the multiple-entry visa arrangement for Shenzhen [...]

Factors Limiting Production in Philippines

Macro Watch Asia: The BSP Business Expectation Survey (BES) conducted during the third quarter of 2011 identified competition, weak demand, and unclear economic laws as the top three business constraints in the Philippines. In the survey, 68.1% of all respondents cited competition as a factor limiting production, while 43.7% and 21.9% of all respondents cited [...]