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New Data Released on WorldTrend Database Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER)


Database NEWS@lert: In response to market feedback, we have expanded the WorldTrend database’s monetary sector coverage to include the Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER). This is the most authoritative data on the currency composition of reserves provided by the IMF.

What Story Does the COFER Data Tell?

Features of COFER
The currencies identified in COFER are:

Data are presented in aggregated form for each currency for three country groupings:

Data Frequency: Quarterly

CHART ALERT: US dollar Share of Foreign Exchange ReservesUS Dollar Share
Chart provided by: CEIC

The latest Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves (COFER) data released by the IMF shows that, the share of foreign exchange reserves held in US Dollar in emerging economies have gradually decreased from 75% in 1999 to 57% in 2011. This aggregate data reflects that the currency compositions of foreign reserves for developing countries are steadily shifting away from dollar-denominated assets to assets denominated in other currencies.

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