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Saudi Arabia’s Manufacturing Industry Is Booming

CEIC News@lert: Saudi Arabia has always been regarded as an economy relying solely on crude oil exports. A closer look at its activities proves that this is absolutely not the case. Saudi Arabia has been enjoying an obvious boom in its manufacturing sector in the last decade though refined petroleum is still enjoying its strategic [...]

Islamic Finance in Bahrain Following a Positive Track

CEIC News@lert: The Islamic finance industry has solid future growth prospects as the global financial crisis has given it a great opportunity. The significant drawbacks in conventional finance witnessed lately have brought great interest in the Islamic financial model and should provide the basis to sustain strong growth in the rest of this decade. , [...]

Egyptian Exchange Fluctuations Amid Political Instability

CEIC News@lert: The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), which was officially established in 1883, is one of the oldest and most important markets founded in the Middle East. It has been an example of a well-established and diversified financial market in the region. The market previously suffered from the socialist policies adopted by the government since 1959 [...]

Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) Launches New Regional Products: Baltic States and Western Balkans

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) Launches New Regional Products: Baltic States and Western Balkans March 29, 2012 – ISI Emerging Markets, the leader in hard-to-get information on Emerging Markets, is proud to announce the launch of two new, regional Emerging Markets Information Service (EMIS) products: the Baltic States and the Western [...]

Bulgaria: The Highest Labour Cost Increase in Europe

CEIC News@lert: In the last quarter of 2011, labour cost in Bulgaria soared by 9.1% on an annual base, the cost growth was the highest among all EU countries. This growth exceeds significantly the average level in the EU, which is 2.7%. Other countries with high labour cost growth are Estonia (6.8%), Latvia (4.9%) and [...]

OBICUS Results Indicate Generally Positive Third Quarter 2011

Data Talk India: Conducted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Order Books, Inventories and Capacity Utilisation Survey (OBICUS) delivers quantitative information on new orders, backlog orders, pending orders, raw material inventories, work-in-progress inventories, finished goods inventories, and item-wise production in relation to the installed capacity. This survey not only provides useful indications of [...]

CEIC has launched a faster, more powerful version of our user platform: CDM V 2.4

New features include:Auto-refresh of charts/tables, the ability to quickly manipulate series within Excel, and enhanced searching capability.

Identifying Problem Areas in Colombia’s Industries

MACRO WATCH North & South America: According to a recent survey by the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia, industries have seen improvements in several key problem areas relative to May 2011. Although issues related to raw materials continue to be the largest problem for Colombia’s industries, the survey revealed fewer respondents perceiving this as [...]

Chile’s Employment Index Rebounds as the Year Ends

MACRO WATCH North & South America: The Chilean Industrial Employment Index is still showing positive momentum despite the drag in the global economy caused by the European sovereign debt crisis. The overall economic performance of Chile’s mining industries showed an increase of 2.9% in December 2011 compared to the previous year. As the year ended, [...]

Strikes in Peru Influence FDI

MACRO WATCH North & South America: Strikes against various industries and the government of Peru continue to happen. This is due not only to environmental destruction but also to unfair compensation of workers and local residents having to compete for the country’s natural resources. Number of Strikes and FDIChart provided by: CEIC The year 1988 [...]