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Bulgarian Capital Market: Low Liquidity and Weak Investor’s Interest

Database NEWS@lert: 2011 was one of the worst for the Bulgarian Stock Exchange in the last few years. On the last trading day of the year the main index SOFIX closed at 322.11 points which was the lowest end-of-year level since 2002. Compared to the end of 2010, the index decreased by 11.1%. The other [...]

CEIC Data in The Wall Street Journal: Spain Bottoming Out, or More to Come?

By Vincent Cignarella and Stephen Bernard for The Wall Street Journal Thursday’s impressive Spanish bond auction has many wondering whether the worst might be over for a country that has been harshly dealt with by the euro crisis. But a look at some of a few charts on Spain’s economic numbers do not paint a [...]

CEIC Data in The Wall Street Journal: China Turns Predominantly Urban

By JEREMY PAGE and BOB DAVIS in Beijing and JAMES T. AREDDY in Shanghai for The Wall Street Journal BEIJING—China has announced that people living in its towns and cities now outnumber those in the countryside, making it a predominantly urban nation for the first time in Chinese civilization. The milestone spotlights a trend that [...]

Database Enhancement: Euro Area Bank Lending Survey

Database NEWS@lert: Monetary Section in the EU database has been further enriched with the Bank Lending Survey (BLS) data. The data come from a quarterly survey conducted by European Central Bank. The survey addresses issues such as credit standards for approving loans as well as credit terms and conditions applied to enterprises and households. It [...]

The United Kingdom: Summer Break Overseas Travel Declines

Macro Watch – Europe & Central Asia: Average resident departures in the United Kingdom dropped by 5.61% and 7.16% during July and August 2011, respectively. The decline in overseas travel coincides with the worsening global economic situation, particularly in the context of crisis in the Eurozone. July and August are historically the peak periods for [...]

Norway: New Reserve Management System for Norges Bank

Macro Watch – Europe & Central Asia: On 3 October 2011, Norway’s Central Bank, Norges Bank, introduced a new system for managing bank reserves. Under the system, commercial banks can earn interest at the key policy rate on only a portion of bank reserves kept at the Central Bank. Reserves in excess of that threshold [...]

Kazakhstan: The Best Place for Business in Central Asia

Macro Watch – Europe & Central Asia: Kazakhstan, the largest Central Asian economy, is the best place for business in the region, according to the World Bank survey Doing Business 2012, published in October 2011. The country moved up 11 spots from last year and is now ranked 47th in the world. According to the [...]

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Factors Undermining Gross Wages

Macro Watch – Europe & Central Asia: For the past few years Bosnia and Herzegovina’s monthly gross wages have been among the highest in the Balkan Peninsula. Average gross earnings for September 2011 amounted to USD 894.87 per capita, representing almost 10% annual growth and a 46% increase compared to December 2006. The high wages [...]

Macedonia: When Dreams Come True

Macro Watch – Europe & Central Asia: In December 2011, Macedonia achieved a great political victory. While most of Europe was debating the importance and meaning of the euro, the Republic of Macedonia achieved a historical victory in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The Court’s decision that Greece had wrongfully blocked Macedonia’s membership in [...]

Denmark: Low Economic Growth

Macro Watch – Europe & Central Asia: Denmark’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the third quarter of 2011 fell to 0.12%, much lower than the 1.78% rate in the third quarter of 2010. The country may slide into recession if the fourth quarter GDP continues to drop. Denmark: Economic Growth Chart provided by: CEIC [...]