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Russia Automobile Sales Increase as Economy Strengthens

Russia Data Talk: Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles have been surging in Russia since the beginning of 2011. The economic situation has changed for the better, which has allowed local consumers to catch up on the purchases they were reluctant to make during the recent recession. According to some independent evaluations, [...]

China Regional Real Estate Profit Margin

China Data Talk: Looking at the operation and its efficiency of real estate industry by regions, there are 10 provinces and cities having a 20% and above profit margins in 2009. The minimum profit margin is 20% in Shanxi while the maximum is 33% in Shanghai. Moreover, except Guangdong and Qinghai, profit margins of the [...]

India’s Yarn Production Growth Drops 8.8% in May 2011

India Data Talk: India’s textile industry is the second largest in the world after China. In India, about 11% of the industrial output, 14% of the manufacturing sector, 4% of the GDP, and 12% of the export market share are directly contributed by the textile industry. The industry provides direct employment to over 35 million [...]

Brazilian Retail Sales Show Strength

Brazil Data Talk: Brazil’s seasonally adjusted Retail Trade Volume Index grew by 0.64% month-on-month in May 2011, reversing from the index decline observed in April 2011. Meanwhile, the seasonally adjusted Retail Trade Volume Index with extended coverage, which additionally includes the sales activities of motor vehicles, motorcycles, motor parts, and construction materials, registered a 0.96% [...]

MENA Region Unrest Prompts Global Energy Market Instability

News @lert: Oil is not just a commodity. Crude oil has historically been a strategic resource upon which nations predicated their economic growth and strength. More recently, it has also been used as an investment vehicle and a hedging tool. This transformation of oil over time has been spurred by its depleting resource status. But [...]

10.7 Trillion Yuan Local Government Debt

China Data Talk: The Audit Report of the National Audit Office reveals that, until the end of 2010, total outstanding local government debt is 10.72 tn (RMB, same for below). From the view point of organization and implementation of the auditing, these audit results do have traceability and solid grounds in collection, execution and source [...]

Total Amount of Social Financing in China

China Data Talk: On 14th April, the total amount of social financing published by the PBC, has attracted the attention of all the people. Its attraction is from the possibility of new direction in monetary policy. However, the scope of this new indicator is so broad that whether it can be a new benchmark in [...]

U.S. Seeks to Expand Trade with India

India Data Talk: Bilateral trade between India and the United States has declined for two consecutive fiscal years from USD 41.80 billion in 2007-2008 to USD 39.71 billion in 2008-2009 and USD 36.51 billion in 2009-2010. Indeed, India-U.S. bilateral trade as a proportion of total Indian foreign trade has similarly shrunk, declining from 10.09% in [...]

Russia’s Mortgage Rates Return to Pre-Crisis Level: Housing Market Revival

Russia Data Talk: Mortgage loans as the main instrument of housing purchase have become more affordable in Russia. Average mortgage rates decreased to 12.4% and 10.6% for loans in rubles and foreign currencies (mainly U.S. dollars), respectively. The mortgage loan volume extended by Russian banks is returning slowly to 2007-2008 pre-crisis levels. And independent analysts [...]

Iran Discovers Huge Oil and Gas Reserves

News @lert: The National Iranian Oil Company discovered last June a huge crude oil and gas reserves in the region of Assaluyeh in the southern part of the Islamic republic. After drilling the first discovered well in the gas-rich area and examining geological data, it was confirmed that the region holds huge reserves of crude [...]