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Brazil: Unemployment hits record low while wages climb to record high in October

After falling to a record low of 6.2% in September, the unemployment rate slipped to 6.1% in October, while average monthly wages grew by 6.5% year-on-year. The unemployment rate declined for the fifth consecutive month, reaching 6.1% in October, the lowest level ever recorded. In the same month of 2009 the unemployment rate stood at [...]

The Bank Bailout: Has Ireland Turned the Corner?

Two years ago, Ireland was the first Eurozone member to plunge into recession, hit by the global economic crisis, domestic real estate bust and soaring unemployment. Since then, the country’s emerging debt and budget shortfall have been recurring problems, coming recently to the spotlight of international debate with the controversial bank rescue plan. The latter [...]

China’s Food and Residence Make Up Nearly Half the Proportion of CPI

CEIC Data Talk: China Oct CPI rose 4.4% yoy, it’s a deferred 4.4%. Why is that? It’s because the commodities basket fails to reflect consumers’ consumption composition; weight is too much emphasis. From the statistics, food and residence have drawn the inflation but not timely reflected. Food and residence are the two key categories that [...]

Peru: CPI falls 0.14% in October despite pressure from domestic demand

MACRO WATCH: While domestic demand has shown an increase of 12% so far this year, inflation remains stable at 2%. Consumer prices dropped by 0.14 % in October compared with September, after a decline of 0.03% in the previous month. The decline in the inflation rate can be fully explained by lower food prices. Indeed, [...]

Demographic Situation in Russia: Past, Present and Future

Database NEWS@lert: The new population census in Russia, the second in its post-Soviet history, ended in October 2010; however, estimates will not be published until April of 2011.  In the meantime, Rosstat has provided a 2010 beginning result of 141.9 million people and three different scenarios of population projection till 2030. Only one of them [...]